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Aurum Healthcare is a clinical-stage biotechnology company committed to develop novel products for the treatment of cardiacvascular diseases with an initial focus on debilitating diseases.  We are committed to carry out R&D activities to build a portfolio of product with the potential to address diseases for which the unmet medical need is high. The company is an ISO Certified 13485-2003 Company providing a range of medical devices for cardiology, cardiac-vascular, pain management, critical care procedures and ETO sterilization services. We see significant opportunity for Aurum Healthcare as healthcare systems are modernized in Asia Pacific countries and to benefit from global economic expansion, aging population and the growing affluence arising from countries at all stages of economic development.


We have invested in the state-of- the-art medical manufacturing facility fully equipped with Cleanroom facility and ETO sterilization services (ISO 13485 and ISO 11135 certified) for many of our customers regionally. All of the medical devices that are exported had been issued with Certificate of Free Sale issued by the Medical Device Bureau, Ministry of Health Malaysia. The CFS assures the importing countries that our medical products have been sold freely in Malaysia.


At Aurum Healthcare, besides the state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, we have also developed excellent engineering skills, combined with strong hospital domain knowledge and an in-depth knowledge of the clinical trial, regulatory, manufacturing planning and execution for each product that are critical to benefit our customers and business partners. We offer a broad range of medical devices for cardiology, cardiac vascular, critical care monitoring, pulmonology, orthopedics, anesthesiology and nephrology. Our specialty medical products are marketed globally through a combination of direct sales professionals and premier distributors. We serve the healthcare institutions, life science researchers, clinical laboratories, industry and the general public.


Aurum Healthcare epitomizes our organization’s philosophy, practices and priorities in fulfilling our mission to provide a broad range of specialty medical devices for cardiology, cardiac- vascular, critical care procedures, anesthesiology and the orthopedics. Our vision is to achieve “Gold” standard (Aurum is the Latin word for Gold) for all our medical products. With extensive years of experience in the medical device industry, we have secured a good stead to achieve the highest quality and to build the most cost-effective medical devices. We are both the QMS ISO: 13485 and the ISO: 11135 Certified Company focused to provide innovative solutions to reduce the spread of infection and to advance drug delivery.


We work closely with public institutions such as the research institutes, universities, hospitals and institutes of higher learning to identify new technological areas whilst accelerating the commercialisation outcomes and precipitating these new products into the next phase of marketable commercial applications.  Aurum Healthcare works closely on an ecosystem of partnerships for success, united by a collaborative model to deliver better results that are vital to the future of business partners and stakeholders.


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