What We Do

CleanroomBeing a GMPMDS registered company with Health Science Authority (HSA) Singapore, Aurum Healthcare holds both importer and wholesaler license.  With a professional team who is very familiar with the end-user needs and product registration, we continue to expand our distribution network to introduce leading-edge technologies and specialty medical devices to benefit the medical community. Aurum Healthcare maintains the company philosophy of “Quality is the Cornerstone of Customer Satisfaction and Provides the Foundation for Long Lasting Partnership”. So whether you are here with us as a local or overseas business partner, industry player, consumer, or future employee, we hope that this information will provide you with a better understanding of who we are and our ongoing efforts to create better value – “Safety First, Healthy Life, Healthy Mind” for all we serve meeting the rigorous requirements of our medical customers.


With our in-depth knowledge and strong engineering capabilities, we also offer project implementation consultancy services with the aim of providing customized solutions for the complete medical manufacturing requirements. We are a full service leader in the custom injection molding offering comprehensive manufacturing services with single-point accountability. We have the experience, expertise and the reputation to inspire absolute customer confidence. These services are managed by our team of professionals from project managers, R&D specialists, logistics planners and master schedulers. The proven and tested experience and expertise of these professionals will ensure our clients the best possible consultancy services.


Aurum Healthcare is a trusted business partner known of its quality and cost competitiveness. Our International Procurement Office leads the sourcing high quality components that are well within our control, one that is carefully sourced for quality and cost competitiveness. Significant savings are realized when you don’t have to pay mark-ups to different contractors every step of the way. We are able to offer safe, the highest quality yet reasonably-priced specialty medical devices to our customers. With in-house manufacturing capabilities, we can do design and customize according to any of our customers’ requirements.


Healthcare2It is important to note however that multi-national companies and SME constitute critical partners for Aurum Healthcare that can support each other in translational activities as well as in the commercialisation activities. Launching medical device products on the global market is expensive and consequently partnership for sales and distribution is a key goal of Aurum Healthcare. In addition, we have worked with many MNC and SME in our product development process. Over time, many of these collaborative efforts have led to strong business relationships, sharing of new ideas and opportunities which in turn lead to knowledge outcomes and ultimately commercial value for each party.


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