ETO Sterilization

ETO Sterilization is the choice sterilization method for medical devices. It eliminates and destroys all forms of microbial life including bacterial spores, using Ethylene Oxide gas. The gas is an alkaline agent that infiltrates packaged medical devices, killing microorganisms to achieve sterilization. ETO is a low temperature sterilization method, so it is suitable on products that might get damaged or cannot withstand high temperature processes, such as:

  • Plastic products/packaging that gets discolored by irradiation
  • Materials that get damaged at higher temperature
  • Custom kits
  • Materials that are incompatible with other methods like Gamma and Steam sterilization

The ETO process occurs within enclosed chambers to prevent leakage and exposure to the Ethylene Oxide gas. This process involves three stages:

  • Preconditioning/conditioning of device through temperature and humidity variations
  • Sterilizing cycle where the device is exposed to the ETO gas
  • Aeration of exposed device for removing remaining EO gas from the product