Innovative Device Epidural Auto-Detect – IDEA®


IDEA® introduces a more reliable, quicker and easier identification of the epidural space during the initiation of epidural analgesia in laboring women.

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Episure AutoDetect Syringestanford-episure


This new medical device, “IDEA®” seeks to ensure that there will be no inadvertent dural punctures or failed blocks with the proper application of “IDEA®” during the epidural procedures. The “IDEA®” will significantly increased the control and confidence of its usage by the user because it is able to provide an objective, visual indicator of the Loss of Resistance (LOR) when the EDS (Epidural Space) has been reached, rather than relying on the subjective “feel” for loss of resistance required as with traditional LOR syringes used today.


IDEA®’s ease-of-use, reliability, accurate diagnosis and safety consideration will propel and accelerate its adoption in the epidural procedures by doctors and anaesthetists to administer diagnostic and therapeutic agents involving injection of drugs through a catheter placed into the epidural space. It will enable a much more effective diagnosis and to provide a powerful option to the medical industry in the application of pain management.  The “IDEA®” with its improved accuracy, quality and its innovative ease-of-use would have significant market potential to expand to the Asia Pacific Region, Japan, Korea, U.K. and the U.S.A.

Episure AutoDetect Trainer video highlights important steps on how to use the syringe as well as key points and advantages of using the automatic loss of resistance syringe over traditional LOR syringes.


This video highlights an epidural procedure with the use of the Episure AutoDetect Loss of Resistance Syringe and the key benefits of using this automatic syringe



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