Angioplasty Procedure Packs








Procedure Packs are used for Angiography or arteriography which is the radiographic visualization of the blood vessels after injection of a radio opaque substance.

Universal Syringe Adapter®


aurum syringe


aurum syringe1.jpg


aurum syringe2.jpg



Cardio Relief Valve®


Cardio Relief Valve1.png


Cardio Relief Valve



Cardiology Dome Bags


Cardiology Dome and Band Bag



Cardiology Guide Wire


Cardiology Guide Wire



Cardiology High Pressure Tubing

with Rotating Adapter


Cardiology High Pressure Tubing with Rotating Adaptor



Cardiology High Pressure Tubing

Cardiac IV Purge Line



Cardiology Catheter Procedure Pack


Cardioloy Cath Lab Procedure Pack




General Assembly Suction Tube Set


General Surgery Suction Tubing Set




Cardiology Ultra Sound Sleves


Cardiology Ultrasound Sleeve



Cardiology Hemostasis Valve


Cardiology Hemostassis Valve




Cardiology Indeflator


Cardiology Indeflator Cardiology Indeflator 2




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