Precision Machining

As part of our engineering solutions, we are also able to manufacture plastic components and finished products to global customers in the medical, automotive, optics and electronics industry. We are not only able to provide a full range of plastic injection molding but also other manufacturing services that cover:

Manufacturing Services

  1. Product Design Support
  2. Mold Design and Fabrication
  3. Molding of Engineering Plastics
    • 2-Color Molding
    • Stack Molding
    • Fully Automated Insert Molding
    • Clean-Room Molding
    • Glass Insert Molding
  4. Secondary and Finishing OperationsMedi-Technology
  5. Mechanical and Electronics Sub-Assembly
    • Complete box assembly
    • Metal Stamping Part Support
    • Printed Circuit Board Assembly
  6. Material Management
    • Supply chain management
    • B2B services

We have plastic injection molding facilities in our manufacturing sites in Malaysia and Shenzhen, China as well as medical plastic injection molding and assembly capabilities in Singapore. In Malaysia, we provide one of the largest clean room facilities in the Johor