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Aurum Healthcare is a priPST1vate sector translator that aims to accelerate the translation of innovative medical technologies using proven processes leading to the market launch of medical devices that meet unmet market needs. Our strategy “From Translational Infrastructure to a Self-Sustainable Business Model” seeks to capitalize on a unique opportunity that exists in the medical device industry by deploying our extensive experience in the medical device industry.

At present there is a wide gap that exists between inventor’s technologies and the successful launch of commercial products. Aurum Healthcare brings researchers, clinicians and businesses together to increase the rate at which new medical devices can reach the market and, ultimately, benefit patients. We aim to establish a professionally managed process for knowledge definition, innovation, collaborative development, evaluation and commercialisation of medical technologies. This is underpinned by clinical research, professional know-how, clinical trials and clinical adoption.


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Strategic Partnerships with

Leading Research Institutes


We are committed to work closely with our partners to access to the latest research, develop opportunities for investment in technologies that offer commercial potential and provide support in accessing independent methods to assess the performance of medical devices. We have a proven track record to identify larger collaborative projects with industrial partners. In these larger-scale projects the costs are split equally between ourselves and our industrial partners so as to execute our strategies to offer an innovative IP portfolio, building an excellent brand, retaining talent, establishing effective channel partners to capitalize on the growth opportunities. Aurum Healthcare’s mission is to play a pivotal role in the development of the medical device industry so that innovative technologies can be translated to globally successful products to satisfying unmet needs through:


(1) Working with innovative IP owners in research institutes, universities, Institutes of Higher Learning, hospitals and clinicians and SMEs to translate technologies to commercialisable products through people with complementary skills and knowledge.

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(2) Providing specialized “Med-Tech” skills in gap analysis, planning and execution in specialized areas such as business, project management, product development, manufacturing, IP strategy, market insights (gaps analysis, market needs, pricing, value proposition), quality management system, pre-clinical and clinical trialing, regulatory approvals and manufacturing scale-up.


(3) Leveraging on local SMEs’ services such as engineering, product prototyping, machining, fabrication, molding, testing, 3D printing and laboratory analysis.


(4) Forge strong relationships with investors (locally and overseas), government regulators, clinicians and the medical technologies incubators. Aurum Healthcare’s focus on translational activities enables the Company as well as the supporting SME companies to build a consistent pipeline of technologies leading to products that reach the marketplace.


Healthcare2Aurum Healthcare is well-positioned to execute the IP translation activities through a collaborative partnership with the research institutes, the Institutes of Higher Learning, MNCs and the SME community. The team has a proven track record and prides itself of having implemented many successful projects in the medical technology industry with the research institutes, MNCs and the SMEs.